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I'm Nick Field

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where I lived until 2006. My dear mother, rest her soul, raised my family with poodles. First (in my memory) was Peaches Maxine (Peaches), then Candace Roxanne (Candy) and Chloe and Champ. Dogs, poodles in particular have always been a part of my life and I believe they're a person's best friend. We live our lives with pets that may come and go, but we're everything to them, and I love and respect that relationship. 

I have always loved pets and business and on the grooming side of the world, I'm more connected to the business end. There are far better groomers in this world than me, but I strive to be a connector of amazing people with amazing skills to each other. 

I am the founder and owner of Furry Land Mobile Grooming. At the time of writing this we are in 50 markets and growing, all across the USA. 

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My Story (Cont.)

Photo: Mom and me with Peaches and Candy on Christmas (1988)

I opened up Furry Land in 2017 and worked extremely hard to become one of the largest grooming companies in Las Vegas. Being a mobile grooming business owner has its challenges but I persevered through the thick of it and learned so much. It would be a shame to let this knowledge be squandered on only me. 

In 2021 I began franchising Furry Land and we've become a national brand. I have been working dilligently to continue to grow Furry Land and continue to improve our company. Groomers University was a natural next step in my life. 


Why I Do It


If there's one thing that I have seen in my years of running one of the largest grooming companies in the USA is that there are not enough groomers out there. I'm hoping to solve that problem. 

I look at grooming as a pet health concern. People need showers, as do pets. Many breeds of dogs physically have to be groomed. 

There are so many trades out in the world that are underserved. I want to make sure grooming isn't one of them. 


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